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Benniu Senior High School

City: Benniu

For the full description of this school in pdf format please click here . The following is a short outline of the school followed by images of the school.

Benniu Senior High School
Jiangsu Benniu Senior High School , one of the more dominant landmarks of Benniu town, is located at the west end of the main street. The school was established about 50 years ago and has subsequently been given key school status from local and provincial governments. It has developed a strong reputation of being a very good place to study. (Continued in the pdf)

School facilities
The school has well established facilities for the foreign teachers to use. There is a separate Foreign Teachers office opposite the principal's office which is quiet and comfortable. (Continued in the pdf)

Each classroom has a blackboard and chalk, a computer connected with a big screen TV and a projector. The projector is useful for displaying text pages and students writing on the big screen. The TV is also able to show DVD's. (Continued in the pdf)

School Personnel
At the school there are several levels of leadership. The Principal, and senior staff understand and can speak a very small amount of English. Among these people the head of the English speaks and understands very well and is very helpful and supportive. (Continued in the pdf)

English teachers
This talented group becomes very important for linking up people and helping in Benniu, both because of their abilities in English but also because they generally are relied upon by the management to assist the foreign teachers. (Continued in the pdf)

The school offers the western teachers comfortably sized apartments located opposite the school campus. The apartments all have a small kitchen with a two flame gas cooker, a microwave, water dispenser and a large dual fridge freezer. (Continued in the pdf)

Information about Internet, Phone, Gas, Water, Bedding, AC, Electricity, and Television in the accommodation can be found in the pdf above.

Teaching at Benniu
There are two types of classes taught at Benniu Senior High School ; FEC and Non FEC classes. There are three year levels at the school. Senior 1, 2 and 3. These represent the last three years of schooling in China. (Continued in the pdf)

Daily Schedule
There are 8 lessons each day, The first lesson begins at 7:30 in the Summer and 7:45 in the Winter. Each class is 45-50 minutes. Lunch is from 11:30am to 1:30 pm (maybe slightly longer in the Summer time).The lunch time is used for a sleeping time. The photocopying room is closed during lunchtime as are other departments, so it may be hard to find Chinese staff. (Continued in the pdf)

For the full description of this school in pdf format please click here .

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