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Fuzhou Vocational & Technical Institute (FVTI)

City: Fuzhou

For the full description of this school in pdf format please click here . Images of the school can be found at the end of this page.

Fuzhou Vocational & Technical Institute (FVTI)

The college is approximately four years old and has a number of sports facilities such as basketball courts and a soccer pitch. Students live on campus usually four to six per room and are enrolled in various technical disciplines (primarily computing) as well as economics, marketing and graphic art. (English studies are provided to augment the computing courses with a view to enabling students to travel to BCIT in Canada for higher studies - after graduation. Class sizes average between 25 to 30 students in most disciplines.

Class rooms are standard size with plenty of natural sunlight and all contain substantial tables, chairs and two blackboards at the front and back. There are four main 5 story teaching complex buildings as well as an administration block. Each floor has an audio visual room, twice the size of a classroom, and contain computer accessed large viewing screens coupled to an over head projector and a windows equipped main monitoring desk which houses amplifiers, dynamic wireless microphones and mixing facilities.

The college grounds are scenic, shrubbed and well maintained and walking tracks have been built enabling a scenic and leisurely circumnavigation of the college whole.

The college has a tight security system and its main gate is guarded on a 24 hourly basis.

For prospective teachers who choose to live on campus, all dormitories are locked down at 11.00 p.m. For teachers returning late, an access key can be provided. The college provides a large cafeteria which serves substantial meals 3 times a day and there is a medium sized small goods store for extraneous items. Phone and internet card facilities, a laundry, fruit shop, medical clinic, hairdressers and take away food shops are also situated on campus.

A short walk from the college's main gate and you arrive in the old town of San Jie which has a number of small restaurants and are popular with students.

A bus service operates between the hours of 7.00 .am and 6.00 p.m. 7 days per week and it takes about one hour to reach Fuzhou 's downtown area on a two Yuan fare. The same trip by taxi will cost approximately 45 Yuan.

For the full description of this school in pdf format please click here .

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