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Nanjing College of Information Technology

City: Nanjing


Nanjing College of Information Technology is an advanced vocational college, which is owned and run by the Jiangsu government. The college had the highest level of advanced vocational education from inception, which gave it an excellent foundation for its continuous growth and improvement. This has been accomplished and now the college looks forward to a prosperous future.

The college lies in Nanjing city, and includes two main campuses, which have a total area of 1000 acres. The number of full-time students is around 8500.

The college has already built a complete system of transfer and upgrade from academy credentials to university. Furthermore, the college pays a lot of attention to cooperation with other companies and colleges. We work closely with Suzhou Industrial Zone and Kunshan, which asks our college to train students according to the requirements of companies and enterprises.

Over the past 50 years, the college has trained nearly 30,000 technical personnel in the field of electronic technology. The graduates are now located in many large and middle-sized cities in our country. In the past two years, the college has been developing the overseas market and the college has cooperated with many foreign companies.

The college has been commended by many leading educational departments. The college has been titled "demonstration unit of recruiting and employment" by the provincial planning committee and provincial education office many times. The success of our college has also been reported in the national media.

Nanjing College of Information Technology is developing along with the reform of Chinese vocational education. The aim of the college is to satisfy social needs; the goal is "modernization, integration, high quality" The College always strives for the leading position of vocational education.


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