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Wenzhou No.2 High School

City: Wenzhou


Founded in 1897, this school is the successor of Yongjia Silkworm School. It was approved as one of the earliest key high schools in the province in 1954 and was confirmed as the first-grade key high school at provincial level in 1998. This school has provided excellent conditions for the students with advanced teaching facilities, including a first class library, laboratory building, multi-function hall, computer room, electronic reading room, language room, astronomy hall and an internal TV system.


Immediately after walking in through the door on your left is the laundry with a sink and a washing machine. In front of you is the Lounge Room with a TV, DVD player, lounge, laptop computer, printer, fridge, microwave, water cooler, reverse cycle air-conditioner, and a telephone. Behind the lounge room is the kitchen. The bedroom is down the corridor and on the left. The bedroom has a double bed, and an internet access point. There is also a telephone, of the same number as the lounge room, and a reverse cycle air-conditioner.
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